Classic Touch Restorations / Dustless Blasting Since 1978

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Please follow us on Instagram for new items for sale and cars/trucks. Also you can contact us to see what items we can help you look for or give you some direction.

...Still Running

We have a history of finding classic cars and parts and providing good customer service. We have remained serving the car community for years. The services of dustless blasting at your location helps to provide the customer the safety of having their car with them and worked on in front of them. We love our cars and are always looking for people in the industry to help us GET WORK DONE on our cars. Not just let them sit at their shop forever. Please contact us.

Coverage for Dustless Blasting

We cover Southern California and do charge a travel fee for over 20 miles away from 91325 Northridge Area. We have the capability of coming over with a team of workers to take your car off the frame and put the body on a cart so we can dustless blast the full body shell and the frame. We can also take the car and do a seal primer for a extra cost.